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NBC New Media’s interns experience the daily operations of a major multimedia department on a first hand basis. They get to use their artistic talents to create innovative web designs, on-air graphics, presentations, animations, video projects, DVDs and much more. They also learn how to optimize their work for a cross platform environment including both the Apple and Windows operating systems.

However, there is more to multimedia then just creating artwork. We make it a point to include our staff in all aspects the business including meeting attendance, budgeting and client relations. Students interested in the field of multimedia will find this internship a great overall learning experience.

Some of the applications they will be working with everyday include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Final Cut Pro, Director, Fireworks, Poser, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Our interns will also be exposed to various types of animation and broadcast hardware used by major graphics departments everywhere.

Each student is responsible for the completion of various tutorial labs that detail the television graphics production process. Once these labs are completed, the intern will be required to create, outline and submit a proposal for a mock television show’s graphics package. Detailed scoreboards, logos, and animations comps will be produced and presented, with a final presentation given at the end of the semester to the Executive Creative Director of NBC Graphics and their staff. This accurately simulates the real world pressure of production deadlines.

After the presentation, the student will leave NBC with a print portfolio and Beta tape of their final designs. This working demo can be used as a resume.

Interns are not paid, but you will be refunded for your daily transportation to NBC's headquarters in New York City (save your receipts kids). Online or tele-commuting internships are not offered and you must be here in our office in person at least twice a week. We are closed on the weekends. All interns must be approved by your college and you must receive school credit.

Please feel free to contact us with more questions about our internship program. A listing of our past projects can be found in the Gallery.

We usually only take one or two interns at a time. Not all applicants are selected. Talent, artistic and technical, and independent work ethic are our two top desired qualities in an intern. NBC New Media's internship program has nothing to do with other locations or departments within NBC. We also have no information on other internships at NBC which we know nothing about.

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